Launch of a new website dedicated to credit news

Launch of a new website dedicated to credit news

Thursday 06 July 2012 is an important date in the field of information. For the first time, a site will deal with daily credit news. Posted yesterday, the editors hope to make the site the reference in the field.

Is it worthwhile to deal with credit on a daily basis?

But what can be said every day that deserves attention? Clearly, the news of the funding deserved a site that is entirely dedicated to him? Yes, obviously, according to the person responsible for the publication of Fil-du-cré

“The financial crisis we are experiencing has its origins in drifts related to real estate financing across the Atlantic, and banks are at the center of all the criticism and attention, so it is obvious that the general public has analytical tools that are not limited to giving a rate indicator once a month “.

Reading the first articles published on the site, we see how much news is teeming with information. Between the decisions taken by certain regulatory and regulatory bodies, such as the recent decline in the ECB’s various key rates, which will have a direct impact on consumer credit rates, the BARCLAYS bank crisis has been suspected of having manipulated the results. Libor through the discussions on strengthening the measures of the LAGARDE reform, we understand the interest of such a site.

Financing drives economic growth

Rightly regarded as the engine of growth , funding therefore deserves a daily treatment of information. All the financial information that deals with the economic crisis we are going through converge. The US mortgage crisis, the so-called subprimes, has set fire to the powders and highlighted a disastrous banking system that is out of control.

By lending money to poor people to buy a home, the banks across the Atlantic reported a rare lack of responsibility, as they were on the hunt for profit.

But what about the international banks that have “securitized” these debts to include them in financial products such as asset management funds. We obviously played the sorcerer’s apprentices. The indebtedness of nations is also an illustration that financing, whether for households, businesses or administrations. We know today that in the absence of solutions on the debt of the States, no step can be made for the settlement of the crisis.

Banks at the center of all criticism

Banks as economic agents have a central role in the functioning of the economy . It is primarily responsible for managing deposits. Therefore, any risky risk taking that puts in danger naturally raises fears among savers. That is why he is asked to manage in a balanced way the risks inherent to his load.

When he titrates the toxic loans, he escapes his mission. When indiscriminately tightening the criteria for access to credit, it does not fulfill its role and contributes to the recession of economies.

The role of regulatory instruments

The role of regulatory instruments

Nations, however, regulate these exchanges and have created a number of independent entities to exercise control over banking activity. These are the central banks that exist in each country grouped within the ECB which coordinates the whole or the Fed in the United States.

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