Social accession to property

Social accession to property

It is not easy to become a homeowner when you have modest incomes. Social home ownership allows everyone to buy a home. In addition, these aids are sometimes indispensable when the employment situation is not stable. This is the case of people who are on fixed-term contracts or who do temporary work.

For several years, the public authorities, under cover of undertaking a simplification of the devices in force, put an end to many social aids. Nevertheless, the possibilities are numerous and in particular thanks to the help of many local authorities who offer a loan to first-time buyers. Remember to inquire with your town hall or the hotel department of your area.

On the other hand, the financial difficulties of Credit Immobilier de France, the last independent body whose social purpose and expertise is recognized by all may pose problems for all first-time buyers.

The zero interest loan

The zero interest loan

As the main support of social home ownership , the zero interest loan is an interest-free loan for the acquisition of the principal residence. To benefit from it, one must be first-time buyer and not exceed a certain income ceiling. Its amount depends on both the number of people who live in the household and the tax income of the previous year.

Reformed for the first time on 1 January 2011, the PTZ was the subject of a new reform effective January 1, 2012 and was refocused to the only acquisition of housing in the new.

The social loan

The Social Accession Loan (PAS) is a assisted loan whose main benefit is to qualify for personalized housing assistance (APL). Reserved for the principal residence and persons not exceeding a certain income ceiling. At present, despite its cap, the rate of the loans PAS is however not interesting because higher than the fixed rates of the market.

The Land Pass

Pass-land loan is a very special mechanism that makes it possible to distinguish at the time of acquisition, the financing of buildings and land. To benefit from it, one finds the same conditions as before which one must add the benefit of a subsidy delivered by one or several local authorities.

But this assistance to the home ownership took the end at December 31, 2010. If its success was not denied, the cost it generated was right device.

The hiring-accession: a lever to the social accession

The hiring-accession is a flexible formula to acquire an accommodation. This type of contract provides that the purchase takes place in two stages:

  1. A so-called rental phase that allows the tenant to enjoy the property
  2. A so-called acquisition phase where the tenant has the opportunity to buy the housing

The acquisition of housing

The acquisition of housing HLM

Spearhead of social home ownership, the principle is open to everyone, including people who are not tenants of a housing . To be put on sale, the housing must be more than 10 years old.

It should be noted that the financing of lease-purchase transactions or of a housing is done in the same way as for a conventional acquisition.

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